Salty Cinnamon Dog

A cocktail gleaming with luscious citrus and warm cinnamon.

What You’ll Need

How to Make it

  1. Blend salt and zest.
  2. Smear lime on rim of glass and dip in salt.
  3. Dry shake. Add Ice, shake again.
  4. Add to glass: ice, vodka, cinnamon, lime, and graperfruit juices.
  5. Stir and garnish with grapefruit slice.

Frankly® Organic Grapefruit Vodka

We created a flavor that isn’t like anything before, and leaves an impression on the palate that is gorgeously crave-able.

  •  ABV 30% / 60
  •  Available in 750 ML and 1.75 L
  •  Profile: Smooth Citrus, Warm, Balanced
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